Windows Quick Fix

Download and install iComplex3.0 from Omicron Lab. This will install complex script support, unicode Bangla fonts for your PC and hopefully solve all problems regarding Bangla fonts. Site's base font is SolaimanLipi. Download this font for better view.


dloadClick to Download iComplex3.0

If the download link is broken, please visit OmicronLab official site. Look up the "Others" menu for download.

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 should display Bangla font without any problem. Windows Xp will require ServicePack 3 (SP3) and website base font "SolimanLipi" installed. Download and install unicode Bangla font.


dloadClick to Download Bangla Font "SolaimanLipi"


Install Bangla Font

1. Go to Start Menu > Run

2. In the box, type "fonts" and hit Enter

3. This will open the folder where fonts are installed. Copy "SolaimanLipi" font and past in this folder.

4. Close your browser if it is open. Then open your browser and browse for the site again.


Extra Fix for Broken Font

If Bangla fonts appear broken or distorted, additionally you can install Avro Keyboard. When installing, it will ask to  rewrite windows unicode engine. Click yes. It should work perfectly.



For Linux PC

Most Linux destro would display Bangla without any problem. All you need to do is install unicode Bangla font "SolaimanLipi" for better view. Here is who to do it-

1. Download "SolaimanLipi" from this link.

1. Go to your Home folder.

2. Hit Ctrl + h together. This will show the hidden folder.

3. Create a new folder name - .fonts

4. Folder name must start with a dot (.). Open .fonts folder and copy-past the font here.

5. Restart your browser and browse for the site again.

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