Enable Registry Edit

If you'r pc is infected with virus or for some other reason you can not edit your registry you may see this kind of error. now if you clean your virus that won't fix your registry issue. You get stuck.


there is some free and paid tools that can fix it. but some time it is hard to find because there is too many tools that offer that support but which one is good or work is hard to find.

If there is a easy way that can fix that problem without any soft is better no need to carry any soft.

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Windows XP and Windows7 USB Installer


There are many tools to make USB bootable so that you can install OS with it without any CD/DVD. All of them works, but I found most convenient to use FlashBoot. People who can read and click can make a Windows bootable USB. However, It is NOT a freeware. With the demo, you can make a USB boot disk functional for 30 days and each USB can be formatted by FlashBoot for 16 times. Not bad for a demo.


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Launchy- Open Source keystrokes

Couple of days ago one of my friends show me the tiny software called Launchy. I see that he is using that soft for many dayes. His Desktop is not fill out like my Desktop. Clean desktop looks good. He gave it to me and show me that how a small software can make your desktop clean and open applications faster. Windows 7 has similar facility in start menu, but Lunchy is much better in comparison to speed and performance. People who use Windows XP, it is a time saver and life saver for them.


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Install Windows 7 from USB


Putting the Windows 7 installation on a USB thumb drive has a few advantages—a small USB key is much more convenient for carrying around than a DVD, the OS will actually install much faster, and you can use a USB key to install Windows 7 on systems that do not have a DVD drive, such as a netbook. In fact, you can even install Windows 7 on netbooks that have fairly modest hardware. Dennis Chung, an IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft recently demonstrated how easy it is to prepare your thumb drive and use it to install Windows 7. Here’s a quick look at the process:


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Remove non functioning Kaspersky PURE password manager from Firefox

People who use Firefox and Kaspersky PURE sometimes face an annoying problem- Kaspersky password manager extension for Firefox becomes incompatible with latest version of Firefox.

Kaspersky password manager incompatible

Yet it cannot be removed from Firefox, changing settings in Kaspersky PURE does not help at all and always auto starts with windows. It disables Firefox's own password manager every time you close and start your browser or restart windows.

Fixing The Problem:

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TeraCopy does not start copying

I am using TeraCopy From Many days. Some day ago i found out that copying not starting automatically; I have to click start to copy and there is a countdown if u don't click the start button on time the window get minimize and do nothing, What the hack???

It happen when it copying some thing and power down or corrected somehow. Now What to do?

So I try to google round and found a Solution.

  1. Stop all Teracopy
  2. Open Windows Explorer

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join windows 7 & vista in a domain group

Win7 logoHi Every one, Today i got a funny problem, I create a domain in win2003 and try to join on them,in XP it is fine, But in win7 it is not working giving me a DNS error. i have no idea what i did wrong. i try many time but the result is same. so i start searching and found that for some reason win7 & vista cannot join domain by the usual way.


So what to do now. I found from forum that if you try to join in a domain in win7 or vista u have to change the network card DNS to the server IP address. (Funny)...


So i try that and that work Super.


Here what i do.


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