Search Engine Tutorial For Joomla

Search Engine OptimizationThis tutorial will provide you with guide during the development and search engine optimization of your Joomla web site.

The information covered in this article may help you improve your search engine rankings.

What not to do ?

I would strongly suggest you do not introduce the following approach when optimizing your Joomla web site.


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Joomla 1.5 Site map generator

If you need your site to be SEO based then you need a good site map for google or any other search engine. site map show the search engine what is on your site and how many pages are in there.

Here is a good sitemap generator i found and use in my site.

it's name Xmap. It is free and easy to configure. Download it from Here

Here is some of it's cool feature.

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How to change a websites php memory_limit

Have you ever installed a Joomla extension and got nothing but a white screen?

Most likely you hit the memory limit on your server. Memory limits help to keep scripts from running out of control or using up all of your free memory. On the other hand, sometimes you are adding a fancy extension to your site, that simply requires slightly more memory then the default 8mb that Apache gives you. Let’s show you how to fix that.


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