Hi there, Today i was looking for some thing that can post my message to all of my social network like. Facebook, Twitter, Google buzz, Yahoo profile, Google+ and post my web site contain in to them so when i post something on that or post any thing on my web site it will publish that to all my social network. i have seen some thing like that before but looking a simple solution.

Then one of my friend told me about ping.fm.  so i try that. it is so easy to use that i fall in love with.

Just register your self (No need to warry it is not a long boring form, just email and pass) then you have to add your network in to it. after adding all your network to ping.fm go to dashboard and post what ever you want and watch the magic. go to all your social network and see it is there (Your message) now you don't have to  write or copy past every thing again & again. one place and you are every ware. Cool right..

I love it.


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