Play Youtube Video Without Flash

As you already know flash is going bye bye, According to adobe blog. So now all web developer are going for HTML5. Now all the website are made with flash will work as is but flash video will converted to HTML5 format. The benefit of HTML5 is it can play video & audio without any plugin from Flash or Media player.






Now if you want to play YouTube video but you don't have flash on your PC you can watch the video using HTML5 (if your PC have flash you can still use HTML5, it is faster then flash). How? i am going to show you that.


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FTP and the LinkSys Router

FTP and the LinkSys Router

Running FTP clients and servers with the LinkSys routers is a real quagmire. The FTP protocol is an old and strange one to deal with. Here's my findings (mostly based on f/w 1.37):

FTP CLIENTS behind the LinkSys - Standard Port 21

The LinkSys firmware actually does address translating of FTP commands (the PORT command in particular) and forwards accordingly. To connect to standard port 21 FTP servers on the internet, full functionality for FTP clients should work.

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