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Very often we attach and send  files over email. But what happens when someone is in a rush and dont have time to login to email account and attach files quickly? There are multiple ways to transfer general files (ie. images or some text files) through online file transfer sites. Lets check wetransfer.com because it offers very simple and effective way to share files quickly.

Wetransfer allows to send as many files as needed within 2GB limit. Files can  be sent up to 20 email contacts. No need to register or log in or anything. Just add files, give your e-mail address and the other parties email addresses (one or more). E-mail is required for notification only that the file(s) have been downloaded. Attached files are not sent to your email or any other emails. Files are uploaded to wetransfer.com 's server so it is not taking space from any mail account.

Another option available here is to upload the files and generate a download link. All you have to do is to send this download link to others...via email, sms, web chat whatever way you like.

There are other sites with similar functionality you can give a try for example justbeamit.com. But wetransfer.com stands out because of ease of use and straightforward options. Uploaded files are automatically deleted after 2 weeks. More secure options are available in wetransfer plus (premier accounts). Use it and have fun transferring files.

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Author: Tanvir Islam
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