Portable Applications

LiberKey portable application packWe use a lot of little softwares, some of them are usually cracked. In some cases we need professional software - that is a different case. The problem occurs when we use variety of softwares - they writes huge amount of windows registry values, prompts for updates every now and then, consumes lot of space in system  partition and last of all- slows down your PC. There comes real the need for portable applications packages with a bunch of freeware and open sourced software all in one place. From graphics design to programming, office package to media player and even some games - many things are available.

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Online File Transfer

wetransfer main interface

Very often we attach and send  files over email. But what happens when someone is in a rush and dont have time to login to email account and attach files quickly? There are multiple ways to transfer general files (ie. images or some text files) through online file transfer sites. Lets check wetransfer.com because it offers very simple and effective way to share files quickly.

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Iphone emulator

Today i was looking for a iPhone emulator that can show the web as it is on iPhone. I found a grate tools that made with adobe air technology. Just download and install. if you have adobe air then it will be open like magic if not you have to download adobe air from adobe.com .


Download the software from here


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SQLBuddyLite is a lighter version of the excellent SQLBuddy available from https://www.sqlbuddy.com

The lite version is an exact copy of the original version but all the files have been combined into only 4 files.

Why do you need a lite version?

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